FVP and Casey’s Team Up to Launch FVP Stay Tuned Multi-System Additive!

FVP and Casey’s Team Up to Launch FVP Stay Tuned Multi-System Additive!
Wednesday, August 9, 2017
FVP and Casey’s Team Up to Launch FVP Stay Tuned Multi-System Additive!

(Bill W) August 8, 2017 – FVP and Casey’s General Stores are teaming up to introduce FVP Stay Tuned Multi-System Additive! FVP Stay Tuned is formulated to improve fuel economy, performs in gas, ethanol, diesel and oil engines, keeps your engine running clean, stabilizes fuel, provides lubrication, and works in all on road, off road, marine, lawn and garden application.

FVP Stay Tuned is available in 150 Casey’s General Stores locations in central Iowa. Be sure to stop by the FVP tent at the Knoxville Nationals August 9-12 to receive a coupon for $1 off your next purchase of FVP Stay Tuned!

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to showcase this great new product in over 150 Casey’s stores in Central Iowa,” says FVP’s Joel Quetschenbach. “We ask all race fans to stop by this week and pick up a coupon at our tent and redeem it at Casey’s General Stores.”

Brian Brown, driver of the Casey’s General Stores/FVP #21 sprint car will be competing at the Knoxville Nationals. “It’s very exciting for us to have our two primary sponsors working together,” he says. “We’ve used Stay Tuned on multiple occasions with different applications. It’s exciting that people will go to the Knoxville Nationals and see Stay Tuned on our car. Hopefully, they’ll go across the street or pick some up on their way home. It’s something we’re really excited about. We’re looking forward to having a good run at the Knoxville Nationals with Stay Tuned on the car!”

About FVP

Built on a commitment to quality and delivered with unmatched service, FVP is the confident solution for all of your OEM needs. FVP products are engineered to provide customers with OE quality products that are equal or superior in performance to the major national brands at a competitive price. FVP is proud to carry a full line of high quality oil, air, cabin air and fuel filters, powerful batteries for multiple applications including cars, trucks, SUV’s, commercial, boats and other specialty vehicles as well as automotive chemicals and oil, antifreeze, DEF, hub assemblies, radiators and condensers. To learn more about FVP or to find out where you can have FVP products installed in your vehicle, visit FVPparts.com! FVP…The Confident Solution.

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